Ever since he listened to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" on cassette tape at the age of 5, Justin "Zitro" Ortiz knew what he wanted to do from then on. 

Growing up as a Bronx kid, Zitro picked up music production and began listening to every genre there was to inspire and shape his sound and create innovative music to share. Six years of being a producer and singer led Zitro to be able to put together his first two EP's, which he created in his bedroom. 

Currently working on a debut self-titled album, Zitro began collaborating with French producer and engineer Sha Mi to bring out a richer pop/r&b sound than ever before and to put out a more crisp and flawless project. This upcoming project involves themes such as obsession, relationships, the downsides to partying, and even a song about his favorite horror film.

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