Sweater Rock came together in the fall of 2015, a reincarnation of times past. Drummer and singer Nate Repasz moved to New York City at that time, with music in mind. He found Nat Leich, songwriter, guitarist, and singer, and together they began re-working songs from an earlier project, Mixtape Orchestra, for a smaller format. Quickly thereafter, Nate pulled in bassist and virtuosic singer Emerson Sieverts, to round out the trio.

A distinctive style rapidly emerged from their enthusiastic music making, blending Nat’s indie folk songwriting sensibility with Nate and Emerson’s pop punk bravura. Together, they arranged a handful of tunes to dazzling effect, bringing their work to the eager ears of friends and fans. Recently, they added guitarist Ian Anderson, whose quick-fingered creations have given Sweater Rock a new dimension of melodic invention.

We look forward to see what’s in store for this up-and-coming Brooklyn-based Indie Rock band and we hope you do too!

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