Shining ever since and before the first time, SunnStarrr13 is a cosmic Being.. NRGized by Love and InSpired by *LIGHT. His musik and his work reflect his optimism and belief in the Spirit of Hue-manity or Ubuntu.

He has recorded and performed overseas and collaborated with other true Artists who use their musik to empower their intentions of 1ness. Come Shine with his *LIGHT...combine with his *LIGHT...for U are him...and he is U...I & I...1ness

Highly recommend checking out his EP titled BassMonStarrr Vol. 1 available now on SoundCloud. In collaboration with the sonic-electronic stylings & bass-laced music of producer Millz Maverick, SunnStarrr13 creates Nu sounds, Nu genres, & Nu moments on this classic EP project.

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