J.A.i Tha Profit born into this world as Juan Escovedo Jr. grew up in a household filled with musicians who introduced him to percussion instruments at a young age. He then began playing trap drums, timbales, congas, bongos, etc. with his family on stage starting when he was only five-years old. From then he continued to play the drums but not until he was sixteen did he begin producing and rapping. By eighteen he realized that his love for the music can really be expressed in words, and began to take his rapping serious and made it his main priority.

Words to describe his music would be intellectual, inspirational, truth, honest, and insightful. It’s a mix of hip-hop/rnb that you'll feel from your soul to the bottom of your feet. He also started his own production team/record label "1 Lyfe Ent." which he is currently working on to make bigger and better. His production team consists of rappers, singers, designers, film, band, web design/photography + more. His production team was created to help upcoming talented people who have the same drive and passion to be something as J.A.i does and work together to strive for that common goal of success.

As well as being that place of need for anyone destined to further their career, 1 Lyfe Production has what you need for photoshoots, websites, singers, rappers, and so on. Contact them and they will be there to help. "1 Lyfe Ent" (The Label) so far consists of a few Artists out of California –  NooWaayy and Tito Gee. The journey has only begun so please join the movement and stay tuned for MORE TO COME SOON!!

If you would like to donate to our cause, please click the button below. Although we don’t have much, we invest our own money into our artists so any additional contribution helps greatly. 100% of all donations will go towards empowering our artists to create more music and perform at even more venues.