Dnny Kay is a young up-and-coming producer/DJ from Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC.  He draws much of his inspiration from the 90s and early 2000s and is looking to put a contemporary spin on many classics from those eras. Some of his influences include UK garage house bands such as Basement Jaxx, Industry Standard, and Aphex Twin in addition to RnB legends such as Aaliyah, Monica and Mary J Blige. With his music, Dnny Kay plans to bridge the gap between “love-making music” and electronic dance music while still dabbling in strictly 4-by-4 EDM. And lucky for us fans, he truly believes that “if a song doesn't leave you feeling happy, in tears, or any kind of emotion, it wasn't worth listening to; music should always take you somewhere.”

He began making funky experimental tunes in 2010 by creating various loops and mash-ups on Fruity Loops and Serato DJ software. Thinking like a true cross-over artist, he always envisioned the likes of Jay-Z rapping over Chemical Brothers or a Mariah Carey singing over some J Dilla beats.  He would thus take small sound bites from rap songs and try to fit them into various contemporary pop songs. After much practice and experimenting, Dnny Kay began producing music seriously during the summer of 2015. His mission for music then became quite simple – “to move your feet while the music works on your mind and heart.”

He plans to release his first EP titled “aftr chrch”, which is based on his childhood experience traveling all the way to Maryland for church. Besides praising the gospel, the most exciting part of his entire day was the long drive back home after church when he was exposed to so many different kinds of music on the radio for nearly an hour each day. His mind eventually became a sponge that would take in the different keys and percussion; thus truly grooming his appreciation for all kinds of music. We truly look forward to his first EP’s release and we hope you do too!

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