Growing up, having a DJ for a dad made music inescapable for DJ Rubadub. Whether she was singing along with him during car rides to school, sneaking into his music room to tamper with his fancy equipment, or cleaning the house to Bob Marley and Byron Lee tunes on Saturday mornings, music was an integral part of her daily life and she recognized its power early on.  

After graduating college, the Brooklyn native returned to New York to pursue a corporate career. As the years passed however, she could no longer demote her love for music. She decided to invest in her passion by enrolling in the Scratch DJ Academy Certification Program. Rubadub secured her first gig, opening for Da Beatminerz, within one month of graduating from the certification program, and the opportunities multiplied from there. She has since shared bills with the likes of Q-Tip, Just Blaze and Talib Kweli, and regularly plays at premier venues around the city.

Rubadub’s style is open format, with a soft spot for 90s/2000s R&B and Hip Hop jams. The decks are her personal time traveling machine; it brings her joy when she can take the crowd along for the ride.

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