21 December 2017

Blakeley displays her versatility on a bluesy holiday ballad. Click here to find out more!

05 October 2017

Pop artist Blakeley is a songstress whose stealth worthiness in merging elements of folk, EDM, and rockabilly in her bold crossover compositions, paints her as a versatile artist whose variety of “electronic rockabilly” will be sure to please audiences looking for music that isn’t too heavy or over the top. Click here to find out more!

30 September 2017

Music Review: “Caffeine & Nicotine” – Dazzling Rockabilly Pop From Blakeley via Huffington Post. Click here to find out more!

27 September 2017

Hot off the press with an instantly palpable level of sass, Brooklyn songstress, Blakeley, gives the world a dose of her inspirited and soulfully nourished vibes throughout her new single, “Caffeine & Nicotine”. Click here to find out more!